Gold Coast pipe tech company launches game-changing plumbing product

An new repair solution for high-pressure mains pipes has been launched by a Gold Coast company, potentially saving millions in Council repair bills for burst water mains and changing the way plumbers fix potable water systems forever.

Nuflow’s in-house research and manufacturing team has created a new polymer lining called Greenline, which enables broken water pipes to be fixed without the need for digging or destroying existing infrastructure.

Managing Director Ed Ahern says City of Gold Coast's $3.7 billion water and sewerage network and asset maintenance costs can be slashed, and what could be a $20,000 plus plumbing repair job for a homeowner can now be done at a fraction of the cost.

This new polymer liner has been tested and approved to International Potable Water standards.

“Our technology essentially creates a pipe within a pipe that structurally repairs high pressure water service mains from 40mm to 1000mm and able to withstand long term pressure of up to 1800kpa,” Mr Ahern says.

“The usual way to fix broken pipes is to dig them up, but that can be costly and in some cases take weeks, causing all sorts of inconvenience including traffic issues and surface damage.

“However our Greenline potable solution can fix even the trickiest of problems usually within a day, which is especially important for councils or homeowners when a mains bursts.”

Nuflow has developed a range of technologies for relining pipes from the inside, meaning no digging or excavation is required, with the work guaranteed for 50 years.

“Using the latest CCTV camera equipment we pinpoint the exact location of blocked, leaking or damaged pipes, clear them then use our innovative equipment and products to reline them,” Mr Ahern says.

“Relining can be carried out on all kinds of pipes, including clay pipes that are clogged by tree roots, even when a section of pipe is missing.

“It’s not only ideal for fixing problems that arise with ageing infrastructure, but also for pre-house purchase and home renovation inspections.”

Nuflow is a nation-wide franchise headquartered on the Gold Coast, with its own in-house research and development team.

Established in 2004, the company is the only one in Australasia to manufacture all its own relining products and specialty installation equipment.

Mr Ahern says relining pipes makes them stronger than they were before and can even address difficult joins, bends and dead ends.

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