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Welcome to Queensland Leaders - Gold Coast 

As an ambitious business founder or leader, it’s wise to surround yourself with knowledge, connections and resources.

That’s what Leaders is all about. We inspire the next generation of leading privately-owned companies on the Gold Coast. As a Member, you’ll become part of a dynamic and nurturing community.

Since 2006, more than one thousand privately-owned companies have benefitted from this unique and immersive experience.

And with the right guidance and support, you too can fast track your desired personal, professional and business outcomes.

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Industry Partners

The Queensland Leaders - Gold Coast Industry Partners represent some of Australia's leading ASX-listed or similar companies. Industry Partners provide extensive leadership, experience and inspiration to our Members and the broader network.

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Industry Experts

The Queensland Leaders - Gold Coast Industry Experts represent Gold Coast's top industry professionals from a broad range of disciplines. These Industry Experts provide valuable education, mentoring and networking opportunities for our Members in a trusted and safe environment.

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Media Centre

Latest highlights from our Members, Industry Experts and Industry Partners.

Huw Pryse Lloyd - Kzen8

'There is no escaping the fact that there are a number of new technologies,  including AI, Robotics, No-Code and IoT, that are set to change the business landscape dramatically in the coming years.'

Peter McKeon, CEO - Salesmasters International

'To understand sales performance thoroughly, consider various metrics. Different reps excel in different areas, so a multifaceted approach offers insight into each one's strengths.'

Bill Owens, Managing Director - Veracity

'Cyber attacks are on the rise, with a cyber crime now reported every six (6) minutes. What’s more, the cost of cyber crime to organisations is increasing.'

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