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Lisa Carter, CEO/Managing Director - Clear Insurance

'One of the most crucial aspects for a business to navigate is cyber insurance.'

Scott Patterson | Partner | Alternate Business Strategies

Many successful business owners struggle with succession planning. The business is often more than just a job; it's a part of their identity, a source of purpose and pride. Relinquishing control can feel scary, and the thought of "what next?" can be daunting. These are valid concerns, but they shouldn't prevent you from taking action.

Traditional medicine views the consumer as a “patient “and not as a “client’ and this is a subtle but important distinction. A patient always comes first, their needs and outcome is paramount, they are not a client to be sold to, and at Envisage Clinic we feel that this distinction is an important one. Our customers are patients, not clients. We never recommend a treatment that we do not believe is beneficial to the patient.

Ben Watts, CEO - Wattsnext

'On June 3rd, 2024, Fair Work Australia announced a 3.75% increase to the minimum wage. This coincides with the pre-planned 0.5% increase to Superannuation, resulting in wages costs growing by 4.25% on July 1st, 2024.'
'Business owners must be strategic. It’s about finding ways to absorb these costs without compromising on the quality of service or overburdening our financial health.'

Peter McKeon, Founder/CEO - Salesmasters International

'The sales landscape is continually evolving, presenting both opportunities and challenges. By addressing misconceptions about hiring, updating sales processes, enforcing KPAs and KPIs, aligning reward metrics, and focusing on value-based selling, sales teams can overcome blockers to growth.'

Peter McKeon, Founder/CEO- Salesmasters

'In sales, first impressions aren't just important; they're everything. The moment you start that conversation, you're either on the path to a deal or a dead end. So, how do you ensure it's the former? By mastering the first two minutes of your sales interaction.'

Huw Pryse Lloyd, CEO - Kzen8

'There is no escaping the fact that there are a number of new technologies,  including AI, Robotics, No-Code and IoT, that are set to change the business landscape dramatically in the coming years.'

Peter McKeon, Founder/CEO - Salesmasters International

'To understand sales performance thoroughly, consider various metrics. Different reps excel in different areas, so a multifaceted approach offers insight into each one's strengths.'

Andrew Nicholson, Partner - Mullins Lawyers

'Generative AI tools such as Chat GPT are already widely implemented throughout most organisations. However, the majority of businesses have not properly considered the risks involved or implemented any protocols regarding the use of AI.'

Bill Owens, Managing Director - Veracity

'Cyber attacks are on the rise, with a cyber crime now reported every six (6) minutes. What’s more, the cost of cyber crime to organisations is increasing.'

Queensland Leaders Gold Coast Series Advisory Board & Industry Experts Welcome Event

Queensland Leaders Gold Coast Series Advisory Board & Industry Experts Welcome Event

With Queensland Gold Coast Series launching we brought together our Foundation Advisory Board and Industry Experts in preparation for an exciting year ahead!   Thank you to Event Partners HOTA, Home of the Arts & Veracity for your support and hosting of this special occasion.  

Images supplied:  Veracity & QLD Leaders

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