Cyber Security Strategy

Bill Owens, Managing Director - Veracity

As you may be aware, late last year the Australian Government released its 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy which aims to make Australia a world leader in cybersecurity by 2030. 

Cyber attacks are on the rise, with a cyber crime now reported every six (6) minutes. What’s more, the cost of cyber crime to organisations is increasing. The ambitious Strategy comes after a year where millions of Optus and Medibank customers had their personal data leaked in high-profile cyber attacks, and it’s clear Australia requires stronger guards and governance around cybersecurity.

The 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy will see a raft of new cyber obligations for businesses and organisations, and I’ve had countless conversations over the last few months with leaders eager to understand how the Strategy will impact their organisation.

And so, we’ve endeavoured to simplify the Cyber Security Strategy into a short explainer to help organisations understand how this major strategy will impact their cyber security and data obligations, and considerations moving forward for senior business leaders.

Please find the explainer HERE    

 As always, I’d welcome your comments, thoughts and questions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like a conversation on your organisation’s cybersecurity posture.

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