Why Now is the Perfect Time to Recruit in Australia: Is This a Post-COVID Talent Boom?

Ben Watts, CEO - wattsnext

As we approach the middle of the calendar year in Australia, businesses across the country are experiencing a unique and advantageous time for recruitment. The landscape of the job market has finally shifted, bringing an influx of talent and new opportunities for companies looking to expand their teams. Here's why now is the perfect time to recruit, especially for small to medium businesses.

Five reasons why we at wattsnext believe it is strategically time to recruit:

1. Post-COVID Talent Surge

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the job market has undergone significant changes. Finally, people have re-evaluated their career paths, leading to a higher turnover rate and more talent entering the market. This shift has resulted in a diverse pool of candidates with varied skills and experiences, providing businesses with a greater selection of potential employees.

2. Flexibility and Remote Work

The pandemic has normalised remote work, and many talented professionals are now looking for opportunities that offer flexibility. Small to medium businesses that can offer remote, or hybrid work options are finding themselves particularly attractive to top talent who wants out from the big corporates and prioritise work-life balance and flexibility. This opens opportunities to recruit from a wider geographic area, not limited to local candidates.

3. Seasonal Stability

Mid-year in Australia often brings a sense of stability. The financial year ends on June 30th, giving businesses a clearer picture of their budgets and staffing needs for the upcoming year. This stability allows companies to make informed hiring decisions without the rush and pressure that often accompanies the start or end of the calendar year.

4. End of Financial Year Bonuses

The end of the financial year also means that many professionals are collecting their bonuses, making them more open to exploring new opportunities. This creates a perfect window for businesses to attract experienced candidates who are ready for a change and motivated to take on new challenges after securing their financial rewards. Now is the time to tap executives on the shoulder!

5. Competitive Edge

With more talent available than we have seen since the pandemic began, businesses have the chance to be selective and strategic in their hiring processes. This competitive edge allows companies to secure highly skilled professionals who can drive growth and innovation. It’s finally a buyer’s market for employers, giving you the opportunity to build a robust team that aligns with your business goals.

‘The pendulum is finally swinging back toward the employer for the first time in over five years.’


I know we are all a little scared when it comes to recruitment, it has been tough. But currently in. Australia there is a unique opportunity for small to medium businesses to recruit and attract talent at both ends of the market. With the post-COVID talent surge, increased flexibility in work arrangements, and a stable mid-year period, now is the perfect time to focus on expanding your team. Additionally, the end of the financial year bonus cycle means many candidates are primed for a change, ready to explore new opportunities.

By strategically leveraging this moment, businesses can secure not only the skilled professionals (but also the candidates at the lower end of the market that have been few and far between) they need to thrive in a competitive market. Now is the time to test the market, invest in your business’s future and build a team…. Before the secret gets out!

Recruitment is not just about putting bums on seats; it's about finding the right people who can drive your business forward and we at wattsnext are here to help!

Should you require further information, please feel free to contact us:  www.wattsnextgroup.com | ph:  1300 092 887

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